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On 27 September 2001, around 14:45, the North Point (NOP) station New KTL Platforms (3 and 4) was opened to the public. Kwun Tong Line (KTL) train service was then officially extended to NOP, and this is also the end of the Quarry Bay Congestion Relief Works (QBR). See Past -> Quarry Bay Congestion Relief Works for more.

[Upper Level] NOP Plat-4: UP KTL (Alighting Platform)
[Lower Level] NOP Plat-3: DN KTL (Trains towards Yau Ma Tei)

The following gallery displays photos on the spacious and bright NOP New Platforms.

Markings on the Wall near NOP Plat-3 Headwall

North Point (NOP) Station Plat-3

Route Map (White Background) above the PSDs

Route Map above the Platform Screen Doors

Very Few Passengers awaiting at NOP Plat-4

Train Rushing into NOP Plat-4

Quiet NOP Plat-4

Quiet NOP Plat-4

Wide and Straight passage between Platforms

Wide and Straight passage between Platforms

New Emergency Train Stop button in the New Platform

Passengers awaiting train on Plat-3

Passengers boarding train on Plat-3

Train ready to go on Plat-3

Staff gathering on the first day Open

Spacious and Bright new Platform

Passengers rushing to change Trains

NOP Plat-4

NOP Plat-3*

NOP Plat-3*

NOP Plat-4**

(More Photos may be Added!)

*The First NOP-Terminating DN KTL Train
**The First NOP-Terminating UP KTL Train

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